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Sitting on the living room floor, having a “picnic” supper and watching cartoons; my son starts dancing around on his tush to the intro song of  “XYZ Show” (because I can’t remember now what it was), and then gets right up and starts dancing around.

The song ends and he plops his butt back down to dive right back into his pizza picnic.

What an amazing thing; to have that free-spirited, go where the moment takes you, look on life that a child can have.

May we all be so lucky. May he always keep that part of himself.


Myself and my beautiful baby boy…well he’s four but he’ll always be my baby. Whether he likes it or not. 😉

So welcome to our new blog home. I hope you enjoy your stay.

This is what makes life worth while:

A day on Sesame Street. A pat on the head from Elmo. Knocked over by Cookie Monster (missed that shot). Pigeons, popcorn and cotton candy. Life really can be amazing.

My darling Resy and sweet Peanut…thank you both so much for such a wonderful day. I love you. XO ❤ XO


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  • mommyq: Aha! Congrats on getting back in the blogging world...I too have been seriously slacking in this department of late! But, I added ya to my Blogrol